Crews that look like the world looks

Gender & racial diversity

From the beginning the industry has been dominated by a small group of people, who look like each other. Times Up! We aim to hire people who have historically been under-represented and support up-and-coming talent.


It's important to us to track & share our data. There is a lack of information out there about crew representation. How can we do better if we don't know where we're at?

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The earth's resources are finite

Eco-friendly sets

Film sets are notorious for generating waste. After wrap everything is thrown away. But where is “away”? We are conscious about our impact so all of our productions are green.


A new production model

Unique Approach

This is what really light us up! Creating a whole new production model, one for the next 100 years. We know that great things happen when people are deeply engaged in the filmmaking process. For that to happen, we need to change the system.


Bringing back that cinematic magic

High vibration vibes

We rent helicopters, hire monkeys ,and make things blow up. What could be better than that? Yet, on traditional sets the vibe is miserable. Stress. Anxiety. Those sets suck. Our goal is that when you leave a shoot for The Light, you'll feel better than when you arrived.


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