After graduating with a degree from NYU in Film/TV Production, Becky got her start in features including THE BRAVE ONE, DUPLICITY, THE WILD and I AM LEGEND. On I AM LEGEND she experienced movie magic first hand when she was sprayed by water from the East River in the freezing cold by a helicopter carrying Will Smith.

Becky took a short break from Hollywood to produce the visual content for the band U2’s World Tour. One starry night in Paris, she looked up at the jumbo screens displaying animation that had earlier been on her laptop, while 80,000 people sang along with Bono in unison. It was awesome.

In 2012 she produced the open for NBC’s Sunday Night Football which was nominated for an Emmy for Best Show Open. In 2016 she produced the short film TO BE FREE about Nina Simone which was acquired into the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

In addition to her production work, Becky is the founder of the non-profit organization Globetops which connects people who have laptops they don’t use anymore with someone around the world who can use one.

Becky has also been leading programs about meditation and connecting to one’s inner self for the past fifteen years. She has taught to thousands of people around the world in both French and English, including at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.